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Park City Handyman Services

Your Reliable Go-To Handyman Service in Park City

From the time when our wheels roll until your project is completed, we are there for you and your business Handyman needs!

We pride ourselves in building a long relationship with our clients to build trust when working in your home. You will know your Handyman Crew, and they will review the scope of services for your home or business. The same crew will start your project and be there when the last nail is put into place. 

Our own internal team of handymen and handywomen are a trusted team who commit to high-quality work under minimal supervision. We can be there for you night, weekends and holidays to assist you in your home and business repair.

Your Home is Our Priority

Plenty of people say they can do home repairs, but what really matters is getting it done right from start to finish. Whether it's repairing a wall in a room or making an everyday home repair, choose the professionals qualified to do the job. We have over two decades of experience and a team of professionals ready to give you excellent customer service. Your home repair team will provide the same attention to detail and quality workmanship from small home and business repair to large home and business projects.

Delivering Exceptional Park City Handyman Services

At Park City Handyman Services, we are passionate about delivering an exceptional experience when providing residential and commercial remodeling in our local mountain town. We offer a variety of different services to residents and businesses of Park City. Our professional team will work with your schedule to provide high-quality services for your home or business needs and necessities. When you hire Park City Handyman Services, you're hiring a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver lasting value to your home.

  • Power spraying and cleaning
  • Cleaning gutters and roofs 
  • Household and window cleaning
  • Light landscaping such as weeding and snow removal
  • Hot tub maintenance
  • Hanging curtains, shelving
  • Small home and business repairs inside and outside your building
  • Light electrical and plumbing work

Honest, Upfront Pricing

We perform all work using an honest, upfront pricing format. Our Time + Materials billing is a simple pricing model which is easy to understand - no loopholes, no extra fees. You pay for time plus materials, that’s it. No matter what type of remodeling, repair, or property management service you have contracted with us, our organization can handle all kinds of home repair and remodeling services.

Safety First

Whichever Park City Service you choose from our company, our team takes the safety of our customers very seriously. We perform comprehensive background checks on all of our employees and strive to achieve the highest levels of customer service by setting standards of cleanliness and courtesy for our employees so you can trust that you are working with professionals.