Welcome to Park City Handyman Services

Park City Handyman Services is your local, trusted handyman service in Park City. Our family-owned business is not only based in Park City; our family is locals as well!

Our company has you covered for handyman services, big or small. We also license and insure our employees to give you peace-of-mind when they are in your home working. At Park City Handyman, we offer personal service by answering each client’s phone call 365 days a week with ‪24/7‬ Emergency Service.

Clients enjoy their experience with our crew of over two dozen well-trained servicemen and women at Park City Handyman. We’re here to help you with everything from chirping smoke detectors and toilet bowl problems to bathroom facelifts and kitchen remodels. Our branch company, Park City Property Management, offers second homeowners an economical way to keep their home safe when they can’t be at their Park City home. We offer housekeeping and concierge services with every property management package.

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